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On 1 July we begin a new Rotary Year! President's change, Logo's change. Here is a peak at our new logo

According to the Rotary International website. Jennifer Jones imagines Rotary fulfilling big dreams. "Imagine, a world that deserves our best where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference."

Imagine Rotary the theme for 2022-2023 explained by incoming President Jennifer Jones.
The theme graphic was designed by an Australian indigenous artist to link with the Melbourne convention in 2023.
Circle - connections to one another
Dots around it - Our People
There are 7 Dots because of our Rotary’s 7 areas of focus
Circle + dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light
Green solid line - digging stick (used when doing hard work);
for us it’s People of Action, represents the tools for getting things done
Colors: Purple, Green & White -
Celebrate DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
Freedom to express ourselves differently but still with a special connection.
Purple- Polio
Green- the Environment
White - Peace
Represents Empowerment and Newness and also the colors were utilized for the women's movement giving us the opportunity to grow our female membership.


  • Congratulations and thank you Karen for your leadership. Today is Karen's last meeting as president!
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Riches who won the 50/50! $347.
  • Thank you to all the Rotarians and their family members who came to PJ Whelihan's last Wednesday for Dine and Donate!
  • Next Wed Marty Palmer takes the Helm as President...we wish you a great Rotary Year!
We were honored today to have one of our scholarship winners join us. Accompanied by her Dad Manisn, Shreya is on her way to Penn State and a degree in Medicine. We wish you well and hope you will come and visit us when home. Best of Luck from all of us!
Congratulations to Barbara Rudakevych, our newest Rotarian. Welcome to the Club and to Rotary
Barbara and President Karen.
SPEAKER: Rick Michael is the music director of the WRDV radio network and is host of the Record Hop and Wake Up Live. He also hosts a monthly show with Council President Bollendorf where different borough Officials and groups talk about all things Hatboro. WRDV is a noncommercial educational public radio station operated by the Bux-Mont Educational Radio Association, a nonprofit tax-exempt corporation. Programs are heard on 89.3 FM Warminster, 107.3 FM Philadelphia. 97.1 FM Bensalem, and on WLBS 91.7 FM Bristol-Levittown. current estimate is they have over 100000 listeners. The association has operated the station since 1980 providing training to individuals seeking a career in broadcasting. All staff at the station are volunteers. funding for the station is provided by local businesses, private donations, large corporations and occasionally grants from government agencies and private foundations. They also host a Community Bulletin Board for other non-profits and Church Groups to announce upcoming events. (Please send those announcements in at least 6 weeks in advance). They have a great website with lots of info, calendar of upcoming programs, a gallery of photos and much more https://wrdv.org/index.html
(Just a note: Ben Michael (an HHHS Grad), Rick's son is currently acting on Broadway and has a number of stage credits to his name...so follow your dreams everyone!!)
Today we welcomed Judy Swenson who has been a member of the Gardeners of Crooked billet for over 20 years. The Gardeners of Crooked Billet was founded by Mrs. Frank H. Mather in 1937.  The object of this organization is to promote interest in the art of gardening, to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds, and to encourage civic planting. Mr. Frank Mather was elected the first president, with four other men to follow in two-year terms as presidents.
The first civic improvement project was the cleanup of the Wunderle tract, a weed grown piece of land located in Hatboro at the south end of York Rd across from the Methodist Church.  Pink petunias were planted along with other flowers and shrubs. The project was so successful, and the pink petunias were so beautiful and cheerful that the pink petunia was declared Hatboro's flower by Mrs. Mather.  Later the field was leveled and paved for a parking lot for an Acme.  Victory gardens were promoted in 1942 with about 100 new vegetable gardens planted in Hatboro and vicinity.  After the war a generous gift of seeds was sent to devastated Finland. Another result of the clubs' efforts was the appointment of a Shade Tree Commission in the borough in 1944.  On April 28, 1976, a bicentennial commemorative shade tree was presented to Hatboro's Park and Recreation Committee by the Gardeners at a ceremony in Eaton Park.  A tree, a 4-inch caliper Norway Maple, variety "Emerald Queen" was selected for smog and pollution resistance as well as superior growth habits. In 1981 the Gardeners of Crooked Billet took on a new challenge in planting and maintaining the herb garden at Keith House located at Graeme Park on County Line Rd.  Becci, a member of the club at the time considered the rejuvenation of the historical herb garden an important task for the club. She thought it provided an education for people today to learn about the herbs from yesterday. Currently, the garden is still maintained by the Gardeners of Crooked Billet and holds a variety of old-fashioned herbs such as comfrey, horehound and lovage just to name a few. In honor of Becci's dedication and vision the Gardeners named the herb garden, "Becci's" Herb Garden. Some more recent projects include the garden at the south end of York Rd by the sign at the entrance to Hatboro and a Children's garden at the Union Library which is a pollinator garden. The club has about 35 members and meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Church of the Advent
12 Byberry Road Hatboro (Use the Rorer Avenue entrance.) Every month there is a guest speaker. {Rumor has it that they have the BEST dessert table in town}. The club also goes on some field trips such as touring a private colonial garden behind Moland house (Sat Jun 18 at 1000...feel free to tag along!). Please visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hatboro.net/reviews/?ref=page_internal .
Welcome to Cindy Bollendorf, Hatboro's Downtown Development Director.
Cindy has been with the Borough for 4 years and serves as a resource for new and current businesses in Hatboro. Currently there are over 300 Businesses in the Borough, and we continue to grow. New and prospective business owners receive a packet titled "Opening a business in Hatboro" which contains a great deal of information regarding the Process of what is required, obtaining business permits, registering your business, tax information, licenses, zoning and much more. Prospective new business owners are also given:
  • Fire Marshal Commercial Inspection guide providing a list of safety requirements for commercial properties.
  • Fire Marshal Rental Unit Inspection Guide, listing code requirements for rental properties of Hatboro
Hatboro also puts out a newsletter twice a year which is full of great information about our town, trash collection, the pool, the library, code enforcement, law enforcement, emergency management and much more. 
One of Cindy's many jobs is event planning. Many or quite possibly most events in Hatboro are sponsored by local businesses and/or organizations. Hatboro has a wonderful guide called "Borough of Hatboro Sponsorship Guide" which can be obtained by calling 2154439100
We all know how important social media has become to both individuals and communities. Hatboro continues to expand their use of social media both for business owners and residents. 
  • Garden Project. Contact Cindy Bollendorf  at 215 443-9100 or cbollendorf@myhatboro.org
  • Hatboro has a new App.. an all access guide to Hatboro (currently available to iphone users but will soon be available to android users also.
Right here in our town is a new juice bar and cafe. Remember Nourishing Storm across from Mc Donalds?? It is now call SWIIG.
25 years ago Dan Young became ill and up until that time he had been in good health. Please read his story https://www.performancefoodcenters.com/dans-story  Along the road to recovery from illness, Dan did a lot of research which reinforced his core belief that whole-foods are Nature’s Pharmacy, and within the fruits, veggies, grains, beans, legumes, lean proteins and healthy fats are countless phytonutrients, micronutrients and macronutrients that science estimates may exceed 100,000 different kinds. He was denying himself of these healing nutrients for years; it’s no wonder his immune system was compromised! Through research, diet change and exercise, Dan healed himself.‍ His juice bars are world wide and now number 3000. This morning we got a taste of two great smoothies! Interested in learning more about swig and their products, click this link https://shop.swiig.com/blogs/clean-nutrition-from-clean-sources There is a wealth of information on these two website links, check it out AND go visit SWIIG in Hatboro!
“Fireside Chat” Orientation Meetings are a long-standing Hatboro Rotary tradition going  back to the 1950s.
On Thursday evening, May 19, 2022, Hatboro Rotary Past Presidents Russ Fairlie (1987–88), Linda Roehner (2003–04), Katrina Sullivan (2013–14) and Gary Chamberlain (2016–17) hosted a “Fireside Chat”  for Club Members Marty Palmer, George Bollendorf, Nancy Guenst, Diane Hegele, Charles Lockard , Alex Myers, Susan Friedman, and Art Friedman in the Boardroom of Hatboro Federal Savings Bank.
This was the first “Fireside Chat” held in several years, due to Covid  face-to-face restrictions over the past few years.
The group discussed Club organization, Board functions and responsibilities, Rotary International, District 7430, the Rotary Foundation, Club budget and finances, the committee structure, Club attendance procedures, and the Club website.
The Past Presidents shared history with and feelings about both Rotary International and our local Club. Those attending asked numerous thoughtful questions. The newer Members were encouraged to get involved in Club committees and projects, and to seek further Rotary information from long-term Members and the Board at any time.
Fire Marshal Tyler Dermer presented to the club on his work. Tyler explained that he has 10 years experience and is the new Full time Fire Marshal in Hatboro. His daily tasks include inspections of property maintenance. Residents that allow their grass to get to high can receive a citation.   Vacant properties need to be maintained for appearance and safety. Repair of low hanging cables from communication companies can be a challenge. Tyler explained that he examines plans for new developments to ensure fire lanes, hydrants etc. Tyler enjoys his work is on call 24/7. 
Hatboro Rotary member and Hatboro Council President George Bollendorf presented to the club on the proposed Hatboro Gold Star Garden at Miller Meadow.

Gold Star Families are comprised of spouses, parents, children, siblings, and others whose family members died in service to our country. Gold Star Families are a vital part of the military community and receive the utmost honor and respect.

In honor of Gold Star Families across the country, the Borough of Hatboro is constructing a Gold Star Garden in Miller Meadow Park, 413 S. York Road, Hatboro, PA 19040.

Designed by Borough Council, Staff, and a group of dedicated volunteers, this Gold Star Garden will honor families whose loved ones paid the ultimate sacrifice to our country while also paying tribute to Veterans and those currently serving in our Military. This is the only Gold Star Garden in the country.

In order to accomplish this project, the Borough of Hatboro has already sold benches and will be selling engraved bricks and that will be used to construct the walkway of the Gold Star Garden and holding various fundraisers. The Borough has approximately $40.000 more to raise.

An upcoming fundraiser is on Friday, June 10th. The Gold Star Garden Beef and Beer Fundraiser will be held at the Warminster VFW! All proceeds of this event will benefit the construction of the Gold Star Garden in Miller Meadow! Tickets can be purchased for $40.00 each by contacting Cindy Bollendorf cbollendorf@myhatboro.org.

Bricks are available for purchase for $100.00 each and can be engraved to honor loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, veterans of the armed forces, or even those currently serving.

The 4”x8” bricks will be used to construct a lit path leading up to the Gold Star Garden. Pavers can be dedicated to a Gold Star Family, Veteran, Current Service Member, or Military Organization. A sample brick inscription can be listed below:

In Honor Of
John M. Doe, US Army

Bricks can be customized however you would like and do not have to follow the above format. This only serves as a sample to inspire inscriptions for your loved ones.

The center of the garden will be adorned with the Fallen Soldier memorial statue to honor those our country has lost. The American Flag and Gold Star flag will be flown proudly above the garden with decorative lighting throughout the area to keep the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice shining on.
All funds raised through brick sales will go directly towards the costs to construct the garden including materials, plantings, lighting, and more. bricks can be purchased at Gold Star Garden Bricks


Sue and Art were born a few months apart in the lower East side of Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, Sue’s parents moved to Brooklyn where Sue learned a new language called Brooklynese. Art’s parents moved to The Bronx where Art learned to speak English. People from Brooklyn think Art’s speech has no charm. When Art was 10 they moved to Brooklyn.
Sue went to Madison High School where she hung out with Carol King. Art went to Erasmus Hall High School and played school yard basketball with Doug Moe.
We both were accepted at Brooklyn College (which was totally free at that time) and started in the Fall of 1958. Brooklyn College is a commuter school and we both lived at home. Sue took a bus to school and Art walked.
Sue knew she wanted to be a teacher and Art knew he wanted to get a PhD in the Sciences. In his sophomore year he decided it would be in Virology. We were serious students but had a lot of fun. Sue was manager of the year book.
We met in the Spring of 1959 at an event put on by Sue’s House plan and Art’s fraternity. In the Fall of 1959 we had a class in common and started dating. We married Thursday, August 16, 1962. On Friday we headed off to
 Buffalo for Art to start his PhD. studies. Getting to Buffalo is a story to be told some other time.
Sue had gotten her teaching certificate for New York City and New York State and had secured a teaching position in Buffalo.
The 5 years in Buffalo were mentally and physically the hardest years of Art’s life. Besides teaching Sue was involved in numerous things. Sue became active in Haddasah and AAUW (American Association of University Women). Sue also took piano lessons from a teacher who was taking lessons from Van Cliburns teacher. In her ‘spare’ time Sue earned a Masters degree in elementary education.
Art got his PhD. in June 1967. With Sue 7 months pregnant we left Buffalo (another story to be told another time) and Art started his job at Merck as a Virologist doing vaccine development. Art retired in 2002 after a 35 year career having contributed to the development of numerous vaccines currently in use. Art was also a founding member of Merck’s IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
We had 3 kids in less than 4 years and in 1969 we bought the biggest house we could afford. It was the 1st and only house we ever lived in. We stayed there for almost 52 years before we moved to Hatboro. The youngest of our
 3 kids is 50 years old. 5 grandkids ranging from from 10-23
During our kids early years Sue was quite busy.
Sue remained active in AAUW, arranging for many author luncheons and was very involved in Hadassah. Sue served as donor chairwoman and then as President of
the local chapter. Sue also did volunteer and homebound tutoring for the Centennial School District. Sue found that she was really good at tutoring math.
Sue knew that she wanted to go back to teaching so again in her ‘spare’ time she went back to school and got her Master’s degree and certification in math. Sue finished a 30 year teaching career in the Council Rock School district in 2003.
In 1970 Northampton opened its first library. Susan was among the very first volunteers-every Wednesday evening for over 50 years. Susan also served on the Library Board for 6 years and was president for 2 years.
As the kids got older they got involved in sports. Art coached many sports and directed a 9-11 year girls softball league.
Susan got on the Board of the Churchville Nature Center and became its auditor. Although Northampton has paid auditors Sue also was on the Township Board of Auditors
 In 1982 Art was elected as a Republican committeeman (before it became the party of Hate). Shortly thereafter Art also joined the Board of the Churchville Nature Center and through his political connections was able to be helpful. Art also served on the Zoning Hearing Board, was an Elected supervisor and then served on the Planning Commission until we moved from Northampton. His main contributions when Supervisor were in the environmental area were Art received the Elected Official of the year Award from the Bucks Count Conservation district. Art also convinced the the rest of the Board to spend an extra $250,000 dollars to build the Community room in the library. He started a Friends of the Library eventually becoming its president.
For a number of years Art coached Special Olympics (basketball and volleyball)
For the last 12 years preceding the Covid epidemic Art served as a volunteer at the Franklin Institute where he explained the exhibits. He also developed a 6 hr course in Vaccines and Public Health which he taught to Scientific Learning Academy students.
Sue and Art belong to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. We have had the privilege of hearing speakers such as Bishop Tutu, Colin Powell, General
 David Petraes, Janet Yellin, President Musharraf of Pakistan and Fiona Hill.
Sue and Art love to travel together, walk together , love to go to March Madness and love to go to New York Yankee games.
Art’s hobbies include playing golf and tennis and sculpting.
Sue’s hobbies include reading, playing Sudoko, bridge and MahJong.
In Rotary we hope to do some worthwhile things and have fun.
"The Rotary Club of Hatboro PA held their Annual 4 Way Test Speech Contest on March 19th, 2022 at The Hatboro Federal Savings Office Building". There were a total of Four Students from Hatboro Horsham High School that completed for the first round of the Annual 4 Way Test Speech Contest. Of the four students, Ava Nociforo, a 12th grade senior at Hatboro Horsham High School took first place for her use of the Rotary 4 Way Test (is it the truth? is it fair to all concerned? will it build better good will and friendships? will it be beneficial to all concerned?) to discuss the topic of Transphobia. Although Ava was unable to move on to the regional level of the competition due to a pre-scheduled senior trip, our second place student, Martina Kernosh, a 12th grade senior at Hatboro Horsham High School was happily invited to move on to the district level for her speech on the topic of Critical Race Theory and putting it to the 4 Way Test. The members of Hatboro Rotary who volunteered to help judge the competition were extremely proud of all four students and the time and effort they put forth preparing and presenting their chosen topics. We have no doubt that these students will continue to positively impact their communities and go on to achieve great things in their bright futures ahead and we cannot wait to see what they will set out to accomplish."
  • Thanks to everyone who participated in Dine and Donate at McGerks . The club made $101+
  • Don't forget our environmental service project Apr 30 9-12 at Jarrett Nature Center. Bring along a friend or friends! 
  • Sat Apr 23 at Eaton Park is the borough environmental day sponsored by Hatboro Federal Savings. come visit the vendors
  • Chater Night! May 25 at Giuseppi's. Please sign up by May 13
  • Apr 27 is an evening meeting at Buona Via 5:30. There will not be a morning meeting that day. Interested in Rotary? come join us at Buona Via
We were fortunate to have Ken with us today to discuss funding/finances for EMS services.
Ever wonder how those services are paid for?? They are a 501 c3 and DO have a fund raiser yearly but it never covers the need. Annual budget for EMS is about 5.8 million annually. Even though they are a "fee for service " organization, it never covers the cost of ambulance services.
  • Did you know?
  •  If a patient is taken to a hospital, EMS will get paid
  • If a patient refuses transport, EMS doesn't get paid
  • It is a challenge to get paid! Insurance Co. send the payment to the insured and NOT to EMS. When Ems attempts to get the payment, they often find out the person spent the money on something else. About .25 mil is lost when people don't pay EMS from the insurance payment
  • Sadly, EMS still has to pay for supplies, ambulance upkeep and staff!
  • Our EMS does have payment plans and there is a hardship program (this must be applied for to qualify)
  • EMT pay for entry level is about $20/hour; veteran EMTs can make as much as $38/hour. Many are leaving due to pay when they can get much better pay at different jobs. And yes, paying for staff is part of the budget.
  • So when you get that fundraising mail, don't throw it away. Make a donation or go to the website and donate http://www.sars.org  
There are many ways to donate to help Ukraine!
  • Donate through Rotary International
  • Donate locally through Theresa Johns: 
     The links below may be used to donate through two, different Amazon wishlists. This was originally posted on nextdoor.com if you would like to reach out to Theresa Johns directly with any questions. She is also currently collecting donations in person at her residence on Home Road which is marked with lawn signs for the collection drive.
    'Donations supporting Ukraine": created by Theresa Johns-Vallone under 'custom gift list'
    https://www.amazon.com/registries/custom/2I3UP0KXWM1T5/guest-view [There is no wrong choice ~ direct shipping is available phone # 215-643-9637] PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! ...
Welcome Sue and Art Friedman
Today we installed Susan and Art Friedman as new club members. Welcome to rotary!
Karen Kearns sponsored them. Please welcome them to the club!
  • 1.162763 Rotarians around the world
  • Our district 7430 has 46 clubs and is the largest contributor to ShelterBox
  • Apr 22-24 District conference at Hershey Lodge. Not too late to sign up!
    5:30-10:00 PM
    TELFORD, PA...... Raising funds for the new District program for 7th Graders (first year focus will be on Astronomy)
  • New Rotarians are encouraged to join zoom meetings for new Rotarians called "Welcome to Rotary" May 1
  • Sat Oct 15 "On the Trail to End Polio"...(formerly purple pinkie run). More information will be forthcoming.
    Continue to make your Annual Fund Contributions to Rotary foundation. Remember that a percentage of this rotary years donations will be returned to the district as District Designated Funds which are then used for our district grants.
Our newest member of this club gave her classification speech this morning. This is a woman with "drive" in her bones. To hear all that she has accomplished in life was extremely interesting. We all should be proud to have her as our Borough Manager. Club members can read her presentation by going to the organization tab and clicking on documents tab (go to Member Bios, names are alphabetical by first name)
  •  Charter Night May 25 at Giuseppi's Please let Linda know if you are attending.
  • Apr 27 Fellowship night at Buona via 5:30
  • Don't forget Dine and donate at McGerk's TONIGHT Apr 13. Dine in or order takeout BUT don't forget to mention Hatboro Rotary
  • Tues Apr 19 Networking at Gamburgs..use back entrance to Gamburgs.
  • Earth Day sponsored by Hatboro federal Savings..Eaton Park Apr 23 10-2 Booths,activities,vendors and much more
  • A request for a district Grant has been submitted to purchase trees
  • May 6 is a party for Fred Powell on his 100 birthday 4-5:30. If interested in going please contact Katrina
Every 3 months I will publish Club Members years in Rotary
Congrats to:
Diane Hegele Mar 2, She has just begun!
Barbara Schupeltz  Mar 19, 26 years
Karen Kearns  Apr 28 , 4 years
Mike Kearns   Apr 28, 4 years
  • Dine and Donate at McGerks to benefit Hatboro rotary April 13
  • Hatboro Rotary will support 2 middle school students to the STEM program
  • The 4-way test contest was held, and 4 girls gave excellent presentations. 
  • Egg Stroll will be held Apr 9 from 11-2 in Hatboro. Bring your children and stroll through town. Local businesses will have goodies for the kids
SPEAKERS: Bill Slaymaker and Nancy Kirby regarding the proposed Horsham Miracle Field Complex. https://horshammiraclefield.com/
What is a Miracle Field? A Miracle Field is a fully accessible soft-service field for athletes of all ages with physical and cognitive disabilities.  These fields have rubber turf surfaces to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, or braces allowing people of all abilities to play baseball.
Since 1996 Challenger Little League has given those with physical and intellectual disabilities the chance to play baseball. The current field where they play is not ADA compliant, difficult for them to get to, a distance from the rest rooms and too close to Horsham Road. The proposed field will be the center of a complex which will have a playground, concession area, new bathrooms (instead of porta potties) and parking for easy access to the field. Phase 1 of the project is to build the field, including dugouts, lighting and bathrooms. Phase 2 build the concession area and phase 3 build a playground for all children including those with disabilities. Before COVID, over 100 children were enrolled in Challenger Little League, currently enrollment is about 50+. Fundraising has begun for this very worthwhile project! Please click on the link to their website for more information and/or to donate to this worthwhile organization. Let's Do Something Amazing!
  • Don't forget: Club social March 23 (no morning meeting that day) at Bernie's 5:30 pm. You will be able to order dinner. Come out and join us!
  • 4-way test competition is this Sat March 19
  • Apr 13. Dine and donate at McGerks 5-8pm Benefits Hatboro Rotary
Jarrett Nature Center, Horsham PA: "The mission of the Jarrett Nature Center is to provide environmental education for the students of The Hatboro-Horsham School District, to protect and nurture an on-campus wildlife habitat, and to promote understanding, respect and responsibility for our environment through a supportive collaboration of educators, students, parents and community members."
  • Kathleen has been with the Nature Center for 12 years. The center has about 2500 students per year who come for various classes and projects.
  • The center had a lot of damage from the tornado especially with their trees.
  • This is the 20 anniversary of the center which comprises 13 acres. 
  • Classes are held at the center for pre-K up to High school Seniors. some of the topics are Photography: Science: Conservation: nature journaling and more. Classes are also held at the schools on various subjects.
  • The website for the center has lists of their many projects and upcoming presentations.
  • The public is certainly invited to attend many of their projects/presentations and to get out to enjoy nature.
  • This Hatboro and Horsham Rotary Clubs will be there Apr 30 9-12 for Environmental cleanup Service Project
  • For more information  https://www.montcopa.org/DocumentCenter/View/3006/Jarrett-Nature-Center?bidId=  or Jarrett Nature Center / Green Up Days (hatboro-horsham.org)
  • Sat Mar 19 is the four-way test contest. Good Luck to all the contestants. Winner moves on to District contest.
  • Invitations to Borough Ball can be gotten from Kathy Salemno
  • Regular meeting on Mar 23 will be at 5pm at Bernies...Time for fellowship!
  • Rotary international now has a link to donate to disaster relief for Ukraine. Disaster Response Fund | My Rotary
Congratulations to Diane Hegele, our newest member. Diane was installed today at our club meeting.
She received her pin from two of three sponsors..Alex Myers and Linda Roehner (Nancy Guenst was also a sponsor)
We are so happy you FINALLY joined.
 L to R Diane, Alex and Linda!

WHO ARE SECOND ALARMER'S? Career and volunteer highly trained Paramedics who provide high level pre-hospital emergency medical care, rescue and related services in a compassionate and professional manner to the community. 

We were fortunate to have John Hill and Ken Davidson (Assistant Chief) with us today. Although founded in 1938 services didn't start until after WWII. They have 5 stations including Hatboro, Willow Grove, Edge Hill, Elkins Park, and Whitpain. Four of those stations are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week. With 20 vehicles (7 are Advanced life support ambulances (ALS), they are able to provide much needed emergency services to the communities. Last year, they made 13000 runs. To view their monthly statistics for each area, please go to their website http://www.sars.org  

During the talk this morning, John shared what was in their "red bag" backpack which they carry on every call. Some of the items in that bag include medications, glucometer, IV start kit, sharps container, hot/cold/ packs, emesis container and much more. (This is a very short list of items). The most frequent calls are for falls, and shortness of breath and heart problems. With the equipment they carry, they are able to run EKGs and determine whether someone has a heart problem needing immediate care thus facilitating faster treatment. so don't ignore that chest pain!!

SHELTERBOX is responding to the crisis in Ukraine! You can donate to ShelterBox by following the link I am providing. When you click on their donate Button, you will be able to put in your Rotary District number (7430) and write in you Rotary Club name. So please donate https://www.shelterboxusa.org/ Thank you!
Jesse updated us on ShelterBox. Our club has been a longtime supporter of this organization. ShelterBox responds to disasters, armed conflicts where people are displaced, hurricanes, typhoons etc. with supplies, tents, cooking utensils, blankets and other items.
Currently ShelterBox has responded to the following countries:
  Philippines (Super typhoon Rai); Haiti (Hurricane); Yemen (civil war, starvation, failing economy); Syria (ongoing conflicts and emergency levels of coronavirus).; Lake Chad Basin (Boko Haram Insurgency displaced 10+ Million people).: Mozambique (violent attacks by Islamic extremist group). Ethiopia (Armed conflicts). Burkina Faso (1 million people forced to flee homes because of extremist violence).
They also continue to monitor conditions in Tonga as the volcano erupts.

Today, around 113 million people around the world have been displaced by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox is actively working to change this.

They are constantly providing emergency shelter and tools to displaced families around the world. Natural disasters and conflicts never take days off, and neither does ShelterBox. They are always on the ground, working to help the most vulnerable, no matter how remote. ShelterBox wants to see a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster. Find out more about us.

As Club members, let's save our pennies and other loose change to donate to ShelterBox!!
How did he achieve this??  By signing up for monthly donations to Rotary foundation. For every $1000 you get another PHF pin.
What is a Code Blue shelter and where is it? 
Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless (CSSH) is an alliance of individuals and organizations assisting unsheltered adults in Central Bucks County. 
  • It is a faith-based group of volunteers which provide emergency shelter in local churches on nights when the temperature drops below 26degrees.
  • The CSSH is a non-profit organization which not only shelters the homeless during cold spells from Dec through Mar but also tries to connect people with organizations to improve their circumstances and gain self-sufficiency (such as help with housing or getting credentials)
  • They Primarily serve the Central Bucks County Region. Local churches in that area host the shelters. Clients are provided transportation; a warm place to sleep; a hot meal; breakfast and food for lunch.
  • It takes a minimum of 14 people to staff a shelter (working in shifts). IF they do not have 14 volunteers for a given night, the shelter will not open.
ARE YOU INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? The code blue Shelter in Bucks County is in need of Volunteers.
  •  Go http://co2ssh.org/volunteer-training   Training can be taken online with a quiz at the end
  • Then complete the paperwork and once approved, you can sign up for shifts
  • Another option is to contact the training team by calling 866-390-0291 ext. 706
For more information go to http://co2ssh.org You do not have to be a Rotarian to volunteer. don't let people sleep in the cold because a shelter is unable to open due to staffing.
At the 1917 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, President Arch Klumph planted the seed for what is now the Rotary Foundation.
  • The Board of Directors had oversight of the Foundation
  • The Rotary Club of Kansas City Missouri made the first donation of $26.50
  • At the 1928 Convention the current Foundation was officially named and a Board of Trustees was created
  • In 1922, Paul Harris, Edgar F Allen and others helped form Easter Seals and gave $500 from Foundation to the International Society for Crippled Children
  • Paul Harris died in 1945 and in lieu of flowers, he requested donations to the foundation. Over 1 Million was raised
Today Tony mentioned that he was going to do a monthly donation to Polio Plus, working toward another Paul Harris Fellow (PHF)
Many people think donating to foundation takes away funds which could be applied locally. That's true in a sense however when funds are donated to foundation, the total donated by a district in a given year grows and in three years' time a percentage is returned as District Designated Funds which is used for the grants our district approves. It doesn't take much to begin your journey toward a PHF. One of the easiest ways is to use Rotary direct and make automatic Monthly payments for as low as $10 a month. Wouldn't it be nice to have every member of this club make a contribution to Foundation (General Fund, Polio Plus as well as two other funds). Will you think about donating?
Thanks everyone!
There are four ways to do donate:
  • online at my.rotary.org/rotary-direct
  • By Mail using either the Rotary Foundation Contribution form or Rotary direct enrollment form
  • By phone..Call the rotary Support Center at 18669768279
  • By Fax  18473285260
We were honored to have Tim join us today to talk about the office of the mayor.
  • A Mayor in PA used to be called a Burgess.
  • The term of office is 4 years (no known term limits). The first Mayor of Hatboro was James Eaton (Eaton Park is named after him)
  • What are some duties of the current Mayor??  administer oaths and proclamations; assist the borough emergency manager; preserve order in the borough; report to council on the state of the borough; has control of the police department; can appoint special police; control over school crossing guards; enforce laws; declare emergencies; perform weddings; and approve tax ordinance.
  • One of his primary jobs is Public Relations.
  • Tim is working toward reducing the carbon footprint both in his own home and in the borough.
  • Most interesting duty so far..spending 11 hours in the police station during the hurricane and then touring the borough after the storm.
  • to learn more about Tim, please go to https://myhatboro.org/mayor/
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