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It is with great sadness that we report the death of Rotarian George Lewis. George was a very integral part of our club and a wonderful supporter of Rotary. He was generous man who gave so much to this community and to rotary. Although George and his wife moved to Florida, he never left Rotary and became an active member of a Rotary Club in Florida, you will be missed George both Here and in Florida.
  • Don't forget to sign up for Charter Night (Contact Katrina). This club received its Charter on May 21, 1942
  • Ross and Co. Restaurant opened its doors to business this week! Congratulations and we hope everyone visits for a good meal!
  • Congratulations to Hatboro Scout Troop 3 who celebrated 75 years! Many of our Rotarians were happy to join their celebration on Sat Morning. Well done Troop 3
SPEAKER: Rotarian Rick James
Have you heard of Healthlink Dental Clinic?? HealthLink is a free dental clinic serving uninsured, low wage-earning adults and military veterans in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. This clinic is staffed by a group of volunteer Dentists who provide care to those 18 and older who have no dental insurance; may or may not be working or are a Military Veteran. Household income must be below certain limits.(more information on their website) Those limits are based on the number of people in the household. https://www.healthlinkdental.org/ For more information, please follow the link to their website. Do you have questions? Give them a call www.healthlinkdental.org HealthLink Dental Clinic (215) 364-4247. This is a great program for those who thought they would have to go without care because of finances. Thanks Rick for the presentation.
Speaker: Laura Williamson
It was a pleasure to have Laura with us this morning to talk about the Montco Trail Challenge and the goal to get people in Montgomery County Moving! So, turn off the TV, get the dog and a couple of kids and get out and walk!!  The 2024 challenge runs from April 27 to December 2, 2024. you can register online. There are 18 trails participating and 3 open spaces so you can choose a trail somewhere else and still get credit. There are those who have recorded having better mental health as a result of participation. You can walk, run, bike, skip or just find the trail, mark down the symbol and leave. The goal is to get people outside and moving! Many of the trails connect so you can do more than one trail at a time. I have personally done the Challenge twice and I can honestly say I always felt better. I called it my Happy Place! My dog loved walking the trail, sniffing new smells and rolling in the grass. Every trail has a symbol which you need to record to get credit. Symbols could be a fox, a deer or many other animals. Part of the fun was always trying to find the symbol!!   For more information www.montgomerycountypa.gove/challenge
Events do not just magically happen. It takes a lot of work, planning, selling tickets. delivering tickets, wrapping prizes and a host of other things. This past weekend we had our second annual Bingo in the borough at Penny Pack. It was a huge success! and we stand to have raised a lot of money to use to support the community. Special thanks to President Lisa (and her husband Alex) who single handedly did a lot of the work and that is not to take anything away from her crew of helpers...you are an amazing team! Thank you all!
This is a busy weekend in the Borough 
  • Library Book Sale  ..Sat May 11 9-2 (also flower sale)
  • Community Day: At Hatboro Pool.. 10- 2     Bring a nonperishable food item to donate .; Purchase your pool membership; interact with community organizations.(Rotary will be there)
  • SAVE Sat May 18 to join Boy Scouts troop 3 celebrating 75 years! College Settlement (see list of activities by scrolling down on the page
Congrats to our club members
  •  Celebrating Years in Rotary: Gary C 18 years May 15: Skip S 56 years May 15
  • Wedding Anniversaries: Tom and Betsy F 53 years May 14: Lisa and Alex May 6
Sincere thanks to everyone who attended the 2nd Annual Rotary Bingo in the Borough!
By the noise in the room, it seems everyone was having a great time!
We do appreciate the support as we utilize these funds to help our community,
Special thanks to President Lisa and her wonderful crew!
  • Don't Forget Bingo in the Borough SAT 4 May!
  • Prayers for Russ who is ill
Congratulations to Rotarian Karen Kearns for achieving her second Paul Harris Fellow.
Thank you for your support of Rotary Programs Projects. 
SPEAKER: Former Rotarian Charles Lockard
We were happy to welcome back Charles to give us an update on the food Pantry at Lehman Church.
It is important to note that all the local and surrounding food pantries work together, along with the community.
Most are a part of the Montco Hunger Network and readily talk about needs and resources. 
The Lehman Pantry is open 3 days in the morning (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). Approximately 40-60 people per week utilize the pantry. The pantry (and others in the area) are basically stocked through donations. The Boy scouts do a very successful food drive during the year and also collect items during local events. Businesses' in town hold food drives as well as other organizations. We would not be able to help feed people without those donations. Lehman supports people who live within a 5-mile radius of the Church. If someone came in that lives outside that area, the staff will help them find the closest pantry to their home and also give some things t take home.
The pantry is staffed by volunteers so if you are interested in helping out, come to the pantry on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9:30 and 12. Thank you Charles for the update
SPEAKER: Lynnette Smith, owner of Nutz about Popcorn
Accompanied by Nate her right hand hard worker!
Do you LOVE popcorn? Lynnette has been in business for 6 years right here in Hatboro. With over 130 flavors of popcorn, you can't go wrong. Small cans, medium cans. and big bags...you can't go wrong. Much of her business is done online. Orders come in from many places for popcorn for an any event..they are happy to accommodate. Having a fund raiser? The process is easy:
  • Minimum 6 bags per flavor, Minimum order of 24 bags
  • Up to 50% profit for each bag you sell
  • No money up-front
  • We pop your order fresh, and package it specifically for your group.
  • Fundraising materials and kit provided.
There are many occasions to celebrate and Nutz about popcorn can help you; all you have to do is reach out. If you see their truck at an event, get some popcorn! It is delicious. Nutz About Popcorn
Thanks Lynnette!
  • Happy Birthday to Darlene   April 15
  • Club Anniversaries Mike and Karen Kearns 7 year Rotarians.
                                   Congratulations to all!
  • Established in 1949, the celebration will take place May 7 to May 19th.
  • Alumni are gathering at Artifact Micro Brewery on Friday Night
  • The main celebration starts on Sat May 18th at College Settlement Day Camp...544 Witmer Rd Horsham PA.
  • 10:00 am Opening Ceremony Flag raising in front of Alumni Hall
  • 10:15 am those gathered will enter and tour Alumni Hall and Museum
  • This has been a labor of love. The troop has been working on the museum which will include a must-see model of Hatboro built by troop 3. Scouting Magazine ran a cover story on the Model and Troop 3.
  • VT3 Venture Scouts of Troop 3 Broadcast and Video team will also have an elaborate display of its cameras (including one donated by Hatboro Rotary), behind the scenes mixes and monitors, as well as an opportunity to mix a clip. This was also featured in Scouting Magazine
  • Many other displays will be available such as High adventure trips including climbing Mount Washington with ice axes and crampons. Backpacking, Cycling and canoeing. And much more! Come out and see the 172 scouts of Troop 3
  • 11:00 enjoy a free brunch in Alumni Hall. If you are having brunch, please let Bob know at 215 704 5803 orjohnatty@msn.com
  • 11:45 Community Presentation Program. Along with other community organizations, Hatboro Rotary will be recognized for its annual contributions to the video and broadcast team since 2002.
  • There will also be other presentation both from the troop and to the troop to other community organizations. Over the years VT3 raised $50,000 by charging for services such as weddings, videotaping athletes and many other things.
  • After the pentation's, the Museum will be open til 5:00 pm.Ttry out the escape room or one of the other games for youth and adults.
  • Troop 3 has an excellent relationship with Hatboro Rotary. During the polio program started by the rotary, each club was challenged to contact residents in the community. Troop 3 made up flyers and distributed them to every household in the Hatboro area AND set up a polio clinic for those who had not been vaccinated which was attended by over 20 people.
  • Troop 3 also helped with the Chicken BBQ doing a gateway with the Rotary Seal. Let's not forget how well they handled parking for over 600 cars for Lobster Pot which was not an easy task!
  • The Troop also participated in the 4-way test speaking contest for years videotaping speeches which they gave to the participants.
  • For years Troop 3provided 3 videographers for Tribal Challenge and also presented raw footage at Labrasa and MA Gerks for the parties and awards.
Needless to say, Troop 3 has been recognized as one of the nation's premier scout troops. The local tri-county council has recognized it as the top boy-led troop in the council. It has been one of the largest troops for years in the entire nation. Its High Adventure program is second to none. Its monthly camping trips would make any tour agent envious. Its service to the community is off the charts. Besides the major Eagle Projects the troop does at least one service project every month for the community and prides itself in having touched nearly every church, municipality, school, library, organization in the entire greater Hatboro area.
                    Mark your calendar and come celebrate Troop 3
  •  Paul Harris awards: Tom F PH4; Sue and Art PH (first award for each) Congratulations!!
  • Left to Right: Rotarian Tom F; Rotarian Art ; Rotarian Sue F; President Lisa
Guest Speaker:  Mary L. Sims, Esquire & Dean of Business, Education and Professional Studies at Manor College  
Topic- Overcoming Adversity & Serving the Community

As a professor at Manor College and Arcadia University, Mary uses content and experiences in her classes to encourage students to overcome adversity and contribute to their communities.

  • Students research and present the social justice initiatives of major businesses to explore issues

  • Students invited to join their campus Rotaract club to give back to the community

  • Students encouraged to make small changes in everyday life, such as using cloth bags instead of plastic bags, to benefit the community by keeping the environment clean

  • Students explore ways to show kindness towards others in order to create a culture of respect and understanding in the community.

Mary’s hope in her work with college students is that it will spark a passion and understanding that we can all do social justice everywhere.

THANK you Mary for joining us today!

Speaker: Rotarian Bob J. 
 Troop 3's 75th Anniversary celebration happening Mary 17th - March 19th. 
-Troop 3 has at least one major project each month.
- The troop had an initiative in the community for polio vaccinations. Anyone who was not vaccinated they assisted in getting inoculated.
-Annually the troop members assist in setting up Hatboro's Library Bazaar each year.
-Troop 3 is has been highlighted and recognized for their adventure programs for the scouts, including an example trip of biking tours through Nova Scotia.
-Bob recognized that Troop 3 is all boy scout run, having weekly meetings.
-Over 2 years have been spent planning and preparing for the upcoming Troop 3 75th Anniversary celebration
-A large part of the event will be inviting Alumni back, honoring local organizations, and celebrating with the community.
-There will be a museum set up, an escape room, as well as recognitions during the event.
BUT How did Rotary become Connected? Over the years Hatboro Rotary has given funds to Trop 3 for purchase of equipment particularly camera equipment. Troop 3 does all the picture taking at many Hatboro functions. They have become quite good at what they do and should be commended for their dedication.
Speaker: Rotarian Barb R

Rotary Moment 4/3/24

*The Rotary Programs of Scale grant was awarded to an initiative in Nigeria called Together for Healthy Families. This initiative is sponsored by a Rotary District in Germany and four Rotary Districts in Nigeria. The goal for the $2 million dollar grant is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality by 25% in target areas of Nigeria by the end of the three-year program. In 2020, 82,000 pregnant woman and new mothers died in Nigeria, making it the highest maternal death rate in the world. Factors that led to death include lack of access to health centers or hospitals and poor quality of care. The Rotary Programs of Scale grant is being used to establish outreach centers, train healthcare workers and educate the community on prenatal/postnatal care and family planning. Data from the Together for Healthy Families initiative is being gathered and analyzed so that it can be replicated in other needy areas.

*The Rotary Club of Houston Skyline initiated a plan to relieve the urban hot spots in the Third Ward section of Houston. Urban hot spots are areas of cities that experience significantly hotter temperatures than their suburban neighbors in the summer months. Temperatures in urban hot spots can be 15 to 20 degrees warmer due to the heat absorbing the concrete, pavement steel and glass and radiating it back into the air. The lack of grassy areas and shade from trees also contribute to the rise in temperatures. Extreme heat over extended periods of time can lead to many health issues and even death. Lower-income urban communities are most vulnerable due to their high-density housing and lack of green spaces. When Rotary International had its convention in Houston in 2022, members of Rotary clubs in the Houston area highlighted the urban hot spot issue and offered solutions to this wide-spread issue. Solutions such as light-colored and green roofs, lighter-colored pavement and planting more trees and vegetation can be adopted by Rotary clubs everywhere to help alleviate hot spots in their own cities.

*Rotary Clubs are thinking of creative ways to attract new members. The Rotaract Club of Dhaka Orchid in Bangladesh believed that if they could interest more young people to serve in Rotaract club, they could show them how they can serve everywhere at any time. The club used young people’s love of rock music to organize a large-scale music festival. It was a huge success. After the event, 670 people expressed interest in joining the club and plans were made to charter more than 30 clubs in the city. The Rotaract Club of Dhaka Orchid has these tips for planning an event intended to recruit members and raise your club’s profile in the community: (1) Create a event that reflects your community’s popular music, art or food, (2) Enlist influencers to promote your event on social media, (3) Use merch to advertise your club in the community, (4) Bring the fun into your club, and (5) Dream big and don’t take no for an answer.

*Adapted from the April 2024 issue of Rotary Magazine.


SPEAKER: Shakia owner of Cyrenity Sips Winery

From Their Website: Welcome to Cyrenity Sips Winery! we're a proud family-owned and operated small batch winery. Right here on our premises, we take care of every step, from manufacturing and bottling to labeling. Our wines are a labor of love, meticulously crafted to capture the unique essence of each grape varietal. To make them even more special, we give each one a name inspired by our dearest relatives and friends. And it doesn't stop there – alongside our 16 staple wines, we offer a delightful array of seasonal varieties. Think Cranberry, Gingerbread, and White Chocolate, perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day. Cheers to the experience at Cyrenity Sips Winery! 🍷🍫🎉Get a group together and sign up for a wine tasting. You won't be Disappointed. Walk-ins are welcome... $12 per person.

When Shakia decided to look into wine making, she went to Virginia Beach to study the craft of winemaking. She and her husband knew they wanted a small based winery. So they began looking for an area and found Hatboro! We are so glad she liked our little town! 


Bill Tuszynski a member of the Quakertown Rotary Club and the Shelter Box representative for Rotary District 7430 ShelterBox Emergency Disaster Relief . He presented to our club on Shelter Boxes impact. Bill explained that Shelter Box was started in the year 2000 in a Rotary club in England. This year alone it had helped 2,500,000 individuals with shelter, from a staggering 100,000,000 displaced people in the world. Shelter Boxes and the kits are currently deployed in Africa, Middle East, Greece, Caribbean, Ukraine and more. Shelter Boxes are stored in Turkey, Panama, and the Philippines for quicker deployment. Local Rotary clubs help with the deployment in their area. Bill shared stories of four displaced families and how Shelter Box had made a difference in their lives.
Bill presented our club with the Silver Hero Award for our club's donations to Shelter Box 2023-2024. Our club has provided 20 Shelter Boxes over the years, each box costs $1,000. the picture shows Bill Tuszynski, Lisa Grace (Club President), Jesse Brookreson (Club Shelter Box committee chair).
Speaker: Jonathan Kircher, Principal. also attending. Brea D'Angelo
Having been a student at Keith Valley Middle School when I was a kid, it was interesting to see what changes will occur when the new building is finished. It is expected the new building will be ready around Sept of 2025. The ground breaking for the new building was March 21st and the school will house 6,7th, and8th grade students. Each group will have their own floor in the building.. Flexibility in space and learning have been guiding points in the construction and layout of the school.
Some things which you will see in the new building are an indoor walking trail; 8 lane swimming pool; gyms; basketball courts; classrooms around a common area for each of the grades; bigger band rooms and so much more. The following was taken from the Keith Vally Website.

About the Project 

  • Welcome to the Keith Valley Middle School project homepage!  Updates on the status of the project can be found here. The Board and Administrative team have worked with our architects, engineers, and design team to plan the replacement of the aging Keith Valley Middle School.  For more than 10 years, this building has been scheduled in the District’s Capital Plan for replacement.  The building in many respects is at the end of its useful life.  In addition to aging mechanical systems, outdated systems, and no air conditioning, the district has designed a middle school that will help facilitate the modernization of its educational model, creating a 21st-century middle school to best prepare our students and serve the community. The new facility will include the district's administrative offices, a community room, and an 8-lane competition swimming pool. We expect the new site to be a hub of the community that will make us proud. For more information go to KV Construction Project / Project Overview (hatboro-horsham.org)

SPEAKER: Alex Liebergall, Compliance director at ideal Concepts.Inc. and Privacy Director for InsureMe Inc.
The FCC recently promulgated new regulations regarding the Telephonic Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") in order to address consumer concerns regarding telemarketing and consent to be contacted for various products and services. Specifically, the FCC modified the long-standing prior express written consent ("PEWC") standard to limit consent to a One-to-One basis. In other words, consumers must provide PEWC to specific companies one by one. This is a significant deviation from the existing industry practice where consumer provide consent to be contacted by a variety of companies listed in a given website's hyperlinked "partners list". This change will likely help reduce the number of calls that consumers receive after putting their information into a webform requesting quotes/information. However, the FCC didn't adequately assess the impact this change will have on small businesses: (1) the new rule will drastically increase the cost to acquire leads for small businesses; (2) small business lack the resources/expertise to self-generate leads at a large volume; (3) the new rule diminishes the opportunity of small businesses and newcomers to compete. Accordingly, the new rule will also negatively impact the ability for consumers to comparison shop different products/services because small businesses will no longer be able to compete with big companies for the same leads. Lastly, the rule failed to address whether it would only apply proactively (i.e., to leads generated on/after the effective date of the rule). If the FCC does not choose to only apply the new rule proactively, it could have a tremendous negative effect on small businesses who have invested considerable resources to obtain leads that are compliant with existing rules and regulations."
Birthday Wishes for Nancy Feb 13!
Please remember all those who are going through rough times whether they are facing medical issues, loss of family members, or recovering from surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Don't forget the Borough Ball March 9th 2024. (Justin Ryan cubmaster for Pack 17 will be receiving an award. Let's support our Pack!
  • Jillian's husband John had a Birthday Jan 30
  • Lisa celebrated 5 years as a Rotarian on Jan 30
Heather is the CEO/Founder of the Honor & Courage Foundation. The mission of the Honor and Courage Foundation is to bring "Hope" and "Purpose" to Veterans and First Responders suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress and physical battle scars through mentorship and to provide assistance, support and advocacy. 
Some Interesting Notes
Stellate Ganglion Block: The stellate ganglion block (SGB) is a procedure in which an injection of a long-acting local anesthetic, using ultrasound guidance, is made in the side of the neck around the main nerve that controls the “fight or flight” response (the sympathetic nervous system). This nerve, (the cervical sympathetic chain) which is a two-way conduit, connects the parts of the brain that control the fight or flight response (referred to as the central autonomic network) to the rest of the body. By blocking or “turning off” the traffic in the cervical sympathetic chain, it is believed that the parts of the brain that control the fight or flight response are allowed to completely reset, resulting in long-term relief of the associated anxiety symptoms. Multiple peer-reviewed medical studies show that SGB results in significant long-term improvement in chronic anxiety symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI).
There are many programs for veterans which are listed and described on the Honor Website https://www.honorandcouragefoundation.org/ Please visit this site for more information and to make a donation to this exceptional organization who tirelessly cares for our Veterans and their families.
Hatboro Rotary,s 2nd Annual Bingo in the Borough Event at Pennypack Elementary Saturday May 4th
Speaker: Bob J
Bob reminded us of our responsibilities to the Troop that we sponsor and hold a charter to.
As the representative of this club to Troop 17, he has been trained by the Boy Scout s on his responsibilities to assure our Scouts have a place to meet, their leaders are trained and that the members of the Troop uphold The Boy Scout values.
This may clarify some of our club responsibilities:
  • Chartered organizations must use the Scouting program to accomplish their objectives in a manner consistent with the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, guidelines, policies, and other publications available on the BSA national website located at www.scouting.org/about/membership-standards/. • The Charter and Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America
  • • The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America • The Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America • The Scout Oath and the Scout Law, including Duty to God • BSA youth protection policies and guidelines, including mandatory reporting • The Guide to Safe Scouting • The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety
  • • Scouter Code of Conduct • Incident Reporting https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/incident-report/
  • 2. Chartered organizations must not use their charter organization affiliation or the Scouting brand as a means to imply Scouting’s endorsement of the objectives of their organization except with respect to youth development consistent with the goals and objectives of the Scouting program. Scouting units should utilize the BSA Brand Center for all branding guidelines, images, and logos. The BSA Brand Center can be located at www.scoutingwire.org
  • 3. Charter organizations must not use the Scouting program to obtain financial support or assistance except as authorized for the chartered unit. Scout Mission: The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Scout Oath: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Scout Law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.
As the representative from this club Bob may have to mediate when there are differences. As a lifelong Scout, Bob has had many training courses given by the Boy Scouts and knows the organization well.

*Northbrook, Illinois Rotarian Sam Harris has a tragic yet inspirational story to tell and with the help of his Rotary connections, he was able to share his story in the most meaningful ways. Harris is a Holocaust survivor. He suppressed his story for many years until, in the late 1970s, a fellow rotarian encouraged him to tell his Holocaust survival story. Since then, Harris has turned his story into a book and a tiny storefront museum which ultimately, in 2009 opened as the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Harris is currently the president emeritus of the museum and credits his fellow Rotarians with helping him create the museum as it is today. Sam Harris’ story is quite remarkable. You can read more about him at https://www.rotary.org/en/survivors-legacy or in the January issue of Rotary magazine.

  • We had no speaker this morning which gave us all a chance to sit and "chat" with our fellow club members. We do have some club members who are ill or facing surgery so please say a little prayer for Art ,Mike and Sue!
  • A belated Thank you to Kathy who kindly donated the wrapping paper for our holiday wrapping Party! We are sorry you couldn't be with us.
  •         WISHING EVERYONE A WONDERFUL 2024!  Let's make it a great Rotary Year!
  • Congrats to Kathy who celebrates 11 years as a Rotarian on Jan 09
  • Don't forget to sign up for the Super bowl!
  • Club Procedure Manual is coming along (Thanks Barb R!)
  • Our 8 Boodle Boxes made it to an APO in Korea..we hope they brought a smile to our soldiers!
  • Borough Ball is March 9
  • District Conference info is on the District 7430 website!
  • Thank you to the8-9 "wrappers" who spent Monday evening wrapping presents for 40 children this year. Spending time with our fellow Rotarians and some family members is always a plus! as we help make Christmas special!
  • No Meeting Next week
  • Happy Birthday to Jill Dec 27
Once again at Christmas time we were honored to have the very talented Hatboro-Horsham high school Madrigal singers at our meeting this morning. Under the Direction of Charlie Masters, the students sang many of our favorites as well as some delightful ne songs. Thank you so much for lifting our spirits!!
Thank you to the planners of our Holiday party. A good time was had by all, and it was great to see Gloria and the many spouses who joined in the fun!!
Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!  Congrats to:
  • Mike K      Dec 14
  • Skip           Dec 15
  • Jonathan     Dec 15
Wrapping party Monday Dec 18! Please remember...many hands make light work. Bring scissors! See you Monday at 5 at Hatboro Federal!
We welcomed John to Rotary this morning to speak about mental health.
As a former police officer, his focus has always been on helping other first responders and veterans. His background, training and experience give him a unique understanding of the culture, challenges and stressors of being a first responder. (John specializes in treating first Responders and Veterans.) You often see an increase in depression and anxiety in these 2 groups of people. 
There are certainly other groups that bare mention. As a result of the pandemic restrictions and seasonally the Holidays. there is definitely an increase in depression. It is important for families to watch for behavioral changes in their children and also to reach out frequently. It is important for families, not merely one person to address the issues and help the individual to seek out help. You cannot force someone to seek out help, but you can support and encourage them. There are many resources available. Some of the problems getting a therapist is the fact that many do not accept insurances but are cash only services but will often work with you on payments. Be especially aware of children's behaviors. Keep in mind that during the pandemic children spent many hours/days alone often missing out on "normal" childhood activities. They are very vulnerable to depression. You can access John's website at https://www.guardianrecovery.info/ Thank you John for an interesting talk this morning. .
SPEAKER: Chuck Freeburger
Welcome to Chuck from another local business which is situated behind Produce Junction at 50 South Penn St. Suite A-5. https://www.accupay.net/about/
In business since 1969, with over 50 years' experience in the business. This has allowed them to provide and develop time proven strategies to assist you in the management of your payroll processing. Their business is "client" oriented thus being able to accommodate the needs of each of their clients.  Their trained staff strives for excellence by providing a live voice on the phone, knowledge of payroll and additional services that can help improve each business' bottom line. Their goal is to provide accurate payroll processing, a responsive customer service team, using state of the art technology to make payroll management easier for each of their clients.
The business not only serves people in Hatboro but in many other states. Currently they serve 550 clients and employ a staff of 10 in their office. Want more information on how they can help your business?? give them a call at 267-803-121. It is important to also note that Chuck also supports and sponsors many of the events in Hatboro. Thanks Chuck!
Hatboro Rotarians helped HAT pack volunteers pack 376 bags of food for local children that face food insecurity.
May be an image of 11 people and text
The H.A.T. (Helping Around Town) Packs program partners with public schools, community organizations, local congregations, business, and individual contributors, to help fill weekend hunger gaps. Through monetary, food and resource donations, the H.A.T. Packs program provides packs filled with non-perishable breakfast, lunch, snack, and beverage items to school children, and their siblings, who face food insecurity—in-between the school bell
Once again, we participated in Boodle Brigade sending Boxes to Soldiers stationed in Korea. This year we had enough for 8 boxes (up fron 2 last year!!) 


Rotarians around the world chose projects that truly put service above self. Here are just a few that we’re highlighted in The past month:

  • In Bowling Green, KY, a tornado and subsequent electrical fire destroyed the African American Museum. The Rotary Club acquired a $10,000 disaster relief grant from their district to donate to the museum. In addition, a dozen local rotarians attended workshops on archiving and helped the museum restore its artifacts.

  • In Jamaica, the Rotary Club of Kingston learned there is a shortage of housing for people with limited mobility. With donations from the Rotary Club of Naples, in Florida, the club was able to refurbish a housing complex. They were able to raise the heights of toilets, add support bars in the restrooms and install new countertops, sinks and kitchen cupboards to improve accessibility.

  • In Portugal, the Rotary Club of Almancil International is dedicated to serving the needs of youth, especially those with autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome. Members sponsor activities such as surfing lessons and animal therapy. Recently, they raised money to build a sensory room at a local school. The sensory room includes state-of-the-art music, sensory lights and a soothing waterbed that helps to calm students, improve visual and auditory skills and regulate their behavior.

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