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Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
Hatboro Dish
102 S. York Rd.
Hatboro, PA  19040
United States
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Thanks to those who braved the weather and came out to hear Bob Powers talk on "The First Civil War" what most of us refer to as the Revolution.
Basically there were the rebels, those colonists who wanted to break away from the British and the Loyalists who were happy to maintain life as it was. It must have been a trying time to live, your neighbor could have been a rebel while you were a loyalists...imagine there were many  interesting moments in the life of the colonists. Perhaps one of the more colorful stories is that of Benedict Arnold and his wife Peggy Shippen. He was a rebel and one of the more successful under Washington's command. Peggy Shippen and her family were loyalists. However, Benedict had dinner at the Shippen's and over time took a liking to Peggy and asked for her hand in marriage. They married and Peggy and a former suitor John Andre convince Benedict to go over to the British side and keep them informed of the rebels plans..he did just that and became a traitor! Through an elaborate system of note passing, he sent info to the British through John Andre. He did eventually assume command of West Point and continued to correspond with André . The plan being to take over West Point by the British.  To prepare for the surrender of West Point, Arnold scattered his troops  to weaken West Point's defenses.  On September 19, The British readied their men and ships to capture West Point as soon as André had finished the final negotiations with Arnold.  But on September 23, 1780, the Americans captured André while he was carrying papers relating to West Point's garrisons and defenses and a pass from Arnold.  Thus, the plan failed and Arnold's treachery was revealed. There certainly is more to the story.................Thanks Bob for the interesting presentation!

Kim Rubenstein from "be a part of the CONVERSATION" gave an excellent talk on how this organization has evolved from 2011. Be a Part of the Conversation addresses the disease of addiction....substance use, abuse and addiction and its impact on young people.They are building a culture of awareness and support in a non-threatening environment to help break the cycle of substance abuse. But it is not just for young people...parents, Family members, educators, law enforcement, friends, health care providers and young people of all ages participate to not only become informed about addiction but to become empowered to find resources and outside help when needed. Recovery from addiction is not an easy road to follow and this organization provides a positive way for everyone to work together to help those who are addicted and also their families. The goal is always to bring about positive changes in the lives of young people and their families. You too can be a part of the conversation by attending any of their events. There is an event in Horsham at the Horsham Township Center Tues Feb 23 at 6:30 PM. This fifth annual Conversation Forum " Embracing the Consequences..when unwanted outcomes become part of the solution" is open to anyone interested in finding out more. It will feature a panel of young people in recovery, as well as representatives from a drug court program,probation, and family members who have been impacted by the disease of addiction.

Tom Abraham, treasurer of St Vincent De Paul food bank at St Catherine's of Sienna in Horsham spoke to us about the wonderful work of this organization.
Currently they feed about 55 families...35-40 walk ins and 18-19 home deliveries. This is not only a food bank but SVDP also has a program called Project Roadmap which is a life skill and networking educational program designed to teach clients how to solve their personal/financial problems by teaching the basics of money management, networking, banking and legal isssues, government and local programs , job readiness, interviewing skills, how to build good credit and many other topics, including help with writing a resume.
Additionally, SVDP gives temporary financial assistance to help clients with emergency situations such as rent, mortgage payments etc.
This is one of many food banks that the Rotary Club of Hatboro supports. Mike Brookshire presented a quarterly check for $2250 to Tom from our club.

Thank you Bob Johns for the great program Jan 20th on Boy Scout Troop 3 . It was really interesting to see all the wonderful opportunities that are there for scouts.

Congratulations and welcome to Hatboro Rotary!!! Dave Anderson was inducted into the club at Weds meeting. Please take time to welcome Dave !

We were privileged this morning to listen to Steve Barth of Main Street Hatboro. Steve provided us with some updates on the growth and revitalization of our wonderful town. As businesses move in jobs are created and money flows back into the community. Some highlights...The Old Mill is slated to open sometime in March as a high end BYOB restaurant; and 58 York Street is progressing nicely and should open this winter. There are plans to develop Station Park with town homes and businesses. Ever wonder why there are so many nail salons in town??? should have been at the meeting to find out smiley
I'll give you a has a lot to do with who owns the property.

Save the date!! 2016 Tribal Challenge  Wednesday July 13th

Thanks to Bill Naydan, director of Choral Activities at Hatboro Horsham High School, and the Madrigal Singers for the wonderful program at today's meeting.
This is a very talented group of young people. It was such a pleasure to listen to them.


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The Rotary Club of Hatboro, has been serving the greater Hatboro community since 1942. The club meets weekly to promote fellowship, continue the learning process through weekly speakers and programs, and to plan activities to benefit the community.

Numbering close to 50, its members have strong ties to the community and include business owners and professionals who are committed to making Hatboro a great place to live and work. Over the years, its members have included two and three generations of the same families who have devoted themselves to fulfilling Rotary's motto, "Service Above Self."

The Rotary Club of Hatboro was responsible for the formation of three other area clubs - Willow Grove, Horsham and Warminster. We believe that "Service Above Self" is more than a motto, it is a way of life.


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