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Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
Hatboro Dish
102 S. York Rd.
Hatboro, PA  19040
United States
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A big thank you to the  Hatboro Horsham School District Strolling Strings for visiting our club . What a wonderful group of talented 5th graders and a great way to start the day!

Announcements and upcoming events:
  • Trivia night brought in $5225
  •  Band Shell update: Bobby Johns reported that a feasibility study  is being done and a grant has been obtained
  • April 23 2016 is Hatboro Cleanup day. Meet in the Federal Savings Bank parking lot near Chamber Office between 8:30 and 9:00 am.
  • April 30 2016 Recycle and Shred event in Federal Savings Bank parking lot. No computers, dried paint or Televisions. Will accept other metals, sneakers, flags, eyeglasses etc.
  • Jesse needs suggestions for programs. Sometime in May there will be a Happy Hour at 58 York in support of Shelter Box program.
  • Wed June 15 is the date for Village Players....more information to come.
  • Charter Night May 21 Spring Mill Country Club. There will be a DJ and a photographer.
  • Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation is having  Trivia Night May 13.

Every three years the Council on Legislation meets to review and vote on proposed legislation. This process gives voice to all Rotarians on how the organization is run.Each Rotary district sends a representative to the Council. Representatives deliberate and act upon all proposed enactments and resolutions. Enactments seek to change Rotary’s constitutional documents, and resolutions express an opinion or make a recommendation to the RI Board.

The RI Board reviews and acts on resolutions adopted by the Council and items referred to the Board.

To find out more:

There was no guest presenter this week. But have no fear! We have a very flexible club! Time to begin thinking about Tribal Challenge ( July 13 2016 ). Bobby Johns presented his u-tube video on last years challenge. Get the word out! See the left side of this page and click on Tribal Challenge for information regarding registration. Here is a link to the video:

Throw Back Wednesday!! to Rotary year 2011-2012... Jess Brookreson leads the club with some "This Date in History" and some Trivia Practice! Watch out for Linda Roehner and Katrina Sullivan (They do know their Trivia!!!).
Gloria Inlander presented the club with a Rotary Banner from Nome Alaska and gave us a brief overview of her experiences at the Iditarod! But Gloria, did you visit the Nome National Forest? And did you get a dog bootie?
We do miss those who were not at the meeting! Do you need a ride to get to a meeting? A club member can help...just ask.
Trivia Night is this Saturday April 2 2016. Please remember this is also for the food pantries! Bring a nonperishable food item(s). It is a BYOB and although
there are light refreshments, you can bring snacks for your table. There are still some seats left so if you were thinking about coming , its time to get off the
fence.  Contact Tom Bender ( to sign up!!

Today's meeting was about Club Membership! Jim Heilman and Linda Roehner led a discussion about membership......attracting new members, keeping new members, potential new members, what attracts people to Rotary in general and to this club in specific. There was great feedback and discussions from the club members regarding this important topic. The challenge is out to club members to recommend new members!

  • Don't forget to sign up for Trivia Night! Email Tom if you are planning on attending and if you want a full table or want to be added to a table.
  • Warrington Rotary Pancake Breakfast Mar 20 8-12 at Giusseppe's
Our Speaker today was Jim Geier, President and CEO of Human Capital Consulting Partners.
Website : email
Has your business hit a plateau? Need help planning for the future and getting off that plateau?
HCC Partners can help you work on solutions and creating a vision for the future, identify strengths and weaknesses, setting specific goals and objectives, accountabilty (both personal and staff), and identify ways to hire and retain the Right People.
Its interesting to note that according to the Small Business Administration, 50% of small businesses survive about 5 years and 33% survive 10 years.

Please click on the Water Projects link at the left and scroll down to Photo Albums. Click on the Apatut Photos to see some pictures from the Village Well project.

Seriously, you have to attend to get good laughs and have a little fun! Our Speaker today, so to speak, was Gary with a little Trivia Practice.....
Do you Know what Walt Disney was afraid of? How about the name of a cross between a donkey and a zebra? or try this one What do you call a herd of unicorns?...........................I'm not sure we actually followed the 4 way test but it was a fun way to begin Hump day! Don't forget to sign up for Trivia Night! Rumor has it that the Horsham Rotary has been practicing!!

A brief update on the status of this project has been added to the Water Project Site Page (to the left of this page). Click on the Apatut Water Project link.
It contains a very brief synopsis of what has been happening since 2012.
Information on the Apatut Project (with Pictures) can be found on pages 14 and 15

                                                                        Sponsor Benefits
  • Two complimentary team entries
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  • Your Facebook page liked by Tribal Challenge Facebook page
  • Company name and website recognized on Tribal Challenge Facebook page
  • Company banner displayed at race finish
  • Sponsor table at event for information, product, coupons, etc.
  • One complimentary team entry
  • Logo displayed on results page of registration website
  • Your Facebook page liked by Tribal Challenge Facebook page
  • Company name and website recognized on Tribal Challenge Facebook page
  • Company banner displayed at race finish
  • Sponsor table at event for information, product, coupons, etc.
  • One complimentary team entry
  • Sponsor table at event for information, product, coupons, etc.
  • Two complimentary individual entries
  • Sponsor table at event for information, product, coupons, etc.
Please complete this Sponsor Form and return with payment.
Sponsorships of $1,000 or more include a company logo displayed on results website.
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Sponsorship Levels:             Conqueror   $___________  o   Warrior $_______  o          Gladiator $500 _________ o   Fighter $250________  o
Checks payable to:              Hatboro Rotary
Mail to:                  Gary Chamberlain
Hatboro Area YMCA  440 S. York Road Hatboro PA 19040
July 13 2016
On-site registration opens at 5:00pm.
Race starts at 6:00pm.
Power Line Trail Horsham , Pennsylvania 19040
A 3 mile Team Obstacle Course Race on the Horsham Power Line Trail packed with physical and fun challenges.  Course starts and finishes at the Babylon Road end of the Horsham Power Line Trail at the Hatboro-Horsham High School Stadium. Prepare to get wet and dirty!
Four team members.NEW for 2016 - no gender requirements! Teams may be co-ed, all female, or all male, ages 15 years and older.  All team members must complete the course and finish together; last team member across the finish line is the team's finishing position. Team name, theme, costume encouraged (sports team, TV show, corporate, etc.).  The Race Director has final approval on all team names. Prizes awarded to 3 teams judged to have the best combination of name, theme and costume
Is a point system based on finishing position from your starting time and points awarded for completion of challenges. For extremely competitive teams the first start time of 6PM is recommended. Prizes awarded for overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams.
FEES: Before March 31st, 2016 - $55/team member, $220/team
Waves of up to 30 teams will start every 10 minutes between 6PM and 7PM, select your start time when registering. Course map and challenge details will be emailed to you a few days prior to the event.visit event website to see 2015 challenges.
Details to be announced.A change of clothes is suggested, but not required. An outdoor shower system and male and female changing tents will be provided.
This event is sponsored by the Hatboro Rotary and Hatboro YMCA and benefits local charities including the YMCA's Financial Assistance Program.
For more information email Gary Chamberlain or call 215 674 4545 Ext. 1104 .

Today's program was presented by Ray Rife ACC/BCC, Life Transitions and Career Coach. Ray works with people who want support in their jobs, projects or personal development. The coaching partnership between client and coach is confidential and offers an opportunity to explore ideas, problem solve and establish a realistic, clear plan of action to reach desired outcomes. coaching honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work. For more information please visit Ray's website

We were very fortunate to have with us today the Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation Executive Director Nancy Delucia teachers Kevin Deissler , Dan Beck and students Zak Ibrahim, Sarah Marvin, Tyler Larsson and Catelin Blaszczynski. The Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to encourage excellence and to enhance and enrich educational opportunities offered to the students of the Hatboro-Horsham School District. It would take a very long page to list how they accomplish this so I urge all of you to go to their website 
Mr Deissler and Mr Beck talked about the Robotics program and the accomplishments of these students. There are 9 students in the club and 4 of them were with us today sharing their lego robots and teaching all of us how to operate them. Each student built their robot. Please take some time to see what the students are doing by going to Mr Deissler's website and clicking on the u-tube link for the Lego Legends Project presentation....I never realized there were so many uses for a tissue box!!  The goal is to get Robotics in all of the Hatboro Horsham Schools. What do the students get out of this program....more then you realize...a sense of family, the fun of working together to solve problems, the importance of patience in solvng problems and doing projects, realizing that failure is always an option , how important it is to write everything down (easier to go back and fix a mistake if you know what you did)
Two events you don't want to miss:
  1. String Quartet Cavani from the renown Cleveland Institute of Music will perform in concert at at Hatboro Horsham High School March 3 7 PM admission $10
  2.  "Robotics are taking over Hatboro Horsham" Saturday March 5 11 am to 1pm at the Hatboro Horsham High School Gymnasium 899 Horsham Rd

Jesse is Chairman of the Club's Shelter Box Committee .What is Shelter Box? An organization that provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. ShelterBox aid is tailored to a disaster but typically includes a disaster relief tent for a family, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, a basic tool kit, mosquito nets and children’s activity pack.
This club has been participating for ten years and has purchased/sponsored 12 boxes. In addition to the club sponsoring boxes, throughout the year the committee collects donations in the way of loose change from club members to sponsor additional boxes. Currently we have $250 toward another that loose change!!!!
Here is where our boxes have gone:
Want to learn more about Shelter Boxes? click on the following links:

Thanks to those who braved the weather and came out to hear Bob Powers talk on "The First Civil War" what most of us refer to as the Revolution.
Basically there were the rebels, those colonists who wanted to break away from the British and the Loyalists who were happy to maintain life as it was. It must have been a trying time to live, your neighbor could have been a rebel while you were a loyalists...imagine there were many  interesting moments in the life of the colonists. Perhaps one of the more colorful stories is that of Benedict Arnold and his wife Peggy Shippen. He was a rebel and one of the more successful under Washington's command. Peggy Shippen and her family were loyalists. However, Benedict had dinner at the Shippen's and over time took a liking to Peggy and asked for her hand in marriage. They married and Peggy and a former suitor John Andre convince Benedict to go over to the British side and keep them informed of the rebels plans..he did just that and became a traitor! Through an elaborate system of note passing, he sent info to the British through John Andre. He did eventually assume command of West Point and continued to correspond with André . The plan being to take over West Point by the British.  To prepare for the surrender of West Point, Arnold scattered his troops  to weaken West Point's defenses.  On September 19, The British readied their men and ships to capture West Point as soon as André had finished the final negotiations with Arnold.  But on September 23, 1780, the Americans captured André while he was carrying papers relating to West Point's garrisons and defenses and a pass from Arnold.  Thus, the plan failed and Arnold's treachery was revealed. There certainly is more to the story.................Thanks Bob for the interesting presentation!

Kim Rubenstein from "be a part of the CONVERSATION" gave an excellent talk on how this organization has evolved from 2011. Be a Part of the Conversation addresses the disease of addiction....substance use, abuse and addiction and its impact on young people.They are building a culture of awareness and support in a non-threatening environment to help break the cycle of substance abuse. But it is not just for young people...parents, Family members, educators, law enforcement, friends, health care providers and young people of all ages participate to not only become informed about addiction but to become empowered to find resources and outside help when needed. Recovery from addiction is not an easy road to follow and this organization provides a positive way for everyone to work together to help those who are addicted and also their families. The goal is always to bring about positive changes in the lives of young people and their families. You too can be a part of the conversation by attending any of their events. There is an event in Horsham at the Horsham Township Center Tues Feb 23 at 6:30 PM. This fifth annual Conversation Forum " Embracing the Consequences..when unwanted outcomes become part of the solution" is open to anyone interested in finding out more. It will feature a panel of young people in recovery, as well as representatives from a drug court program,probation, and family members who have been impacted by the disease of addiction.

Tom Abraham, treasurer of St Vincent De Paul food bank at St Catherine's of Sienna in Horsham spoke to us about the wonderful work of this organization.
Currently they feed about 55 families...35-40 walk ins and 18-19 home deliveries. This is not only a food bank but SVDP also has a program called Project Roadmap which is a life skill and networking educational program designed to teach clients how to solve their personal/financial problems by teaching the basics of money management, networking, banking and legal isssues, government and local programs , job readiness, interviewing skills, how to build good credit and many other topics, including help with writing a resume.
Additionally, SVDP gives temporary financial assistance to help clients with emergency situations such as rent, mortgage payments etc.
This is one of many food banks that the Rotary Club of Hatboro supports. Mike Brookshire presented a quarterly check for $2250 to Tom from our club.

Thank you Bob Johns for the great program Jan 20th on Boy Scout Troop 3 . It was really interesting to see all the wonderful opportunities that are there for scouts.

Congratulations and welcome to Hatboro Rotary!!! Dave Anderson was inducted into the club at Weds meeting. Please take time to welcome Dave !

We were privileged this morning to listen to Steve Barth of Main Street Hatboro. Steve provided us with some updates on the growth and revitalization of our wonderful town. As businesses move in jobs are created and money flows back into the community. Some highlights...The Old Mill is slated to open sometime in March as a high end BYOB restaurant; and 58 York Street is progressing nicely and should open this winter. There are plans to develop Station Park with town homes and businesses. Ever wonder why there are so many nail salons in town??? should have been at the meeting to find out smiley
I'll give you a has a lot to do with who owns the property.

Thanks to Bill Naydan, director of Choral Activities at Hatboro Horsham High School, and the Madrigal Singers for the wonderful program at today's meeting.
This is a very talented group of young people. It was such a pleasure to listen to them.


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The Rotary Club of Hatboro, has been serving the greater Hatboro community since 1942. The club meets weekly to promote fellowship, continue the learning process through weekly speakers and programs, and to plan activities to benefit the community.

Numbering close to 50, its members have strong ties to the community and include business owners and professionals who are committed to making Hatboro a great place to live and work. Over the years, its members have included two and three generations of the same families who have devoted themselves to fulfilling Rotary's motto, "Service Above Self."

The Rotary Club of Hatboro was responsible for the formation of three other area clubs - Willow Grove, Horsham and Warminster. We believe that "Service Above Self" is more than a motto, it is a way of life.


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